In her Journals Sylvia Plath explores the influence of family on her. She sees the family as having an identity of its own. She writes: ‘…for you are all an inexplicable unity – this family group with its twisted tensions, unreasoning love and solidarity and loyalty born and bred in blood. The people are the ones most responsible for who they are.‘ What does she mean by the phrase born and bread in blood? Just what are blood ties? I invite you to write a peace called “Blood Ties”.

With the presence of the Super Blood Blue Moon I choose to release the ties from the past that hold me back from the beautiful things that are coming my way. This and Sylvia Plath inspired the following piece…


Whenever I used to bring my mother flowers, picked up from an old ladies next door garden, who evidently cared for it more than herself, my mother slightly lifted the corner of her lips and turn away…

– You didn’t have to… Really, Laura. – And she would put it in the crystal vase on the top corridor counter. And it stood there until the last blossom would give its last breath away. Three days it would take – something special was about that vase… Or about the number… or my mother’s smile. The flowers were not fond of it.

Every birthday, Christmas and Easter I would make a greeting card for her that said: “Joy and happiness, mamma, money and health… from all my heart”. The message never changed, nor the corner smile. She would keep it in the ‘special place’, or at least I would hope it.

– How does it make you feel?

– I don’t know. It was a long time ago. I am not even entirely sure if I gave her the presents from my heart or because I was supposed to do it like everyone did. Maybe it was actually from me to her, at the beginning. But one day it was one corner smile too many, and the greeting on the card hadn’t changed ever since.

– I understand. But how do you feel?

– Sad, I suppose… Not appreciated. Neglected. Hurt.

– I see… So, tell me what did you want to talk to me about.

– I found this job that I think I would like, and the money is pretty good…

– So, what’s the matter?

– I’m not sure they will hire me. Maybe only as an intern for the beginning, but I feel I’m too old for that and it would be a huge step back. The job is very challenging, but feel I could do it! I have the passion and the skills and the motivation… But I don’t think this will happen to me. I simply can’t see it happening.

– How does that make you feel?

– Hopeless. Worthless, frustrated.

– Do you have any children, Laura?

– Yes, a daughter.

– Mother Day is coming. Make sure to accept the flowers from her. And make sure you thank her. You deserve it, Laura, and so will she.





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