As some of you might know and some of you not tonight is a majestic phenomenon that last happened 150 years ago – Super Blue Blood Moon! As it’s been scientifically proved that Moon has a major impact on the life on our planet, this rare occurrence definitely affects us, simple humans. It’s time to manifest dreams, release and cleanse from the past and surrender to the universe by opening ourselves for the bright future ahead!

So even if you’re not a yogi or think that meditation is nothing else but a fancy word for people who pretend to have their shit together… Today I invite you to sit down and just think about your goals and release the burden of the past. My today’s mantra:

Universe, I know you can hear me. I am open to you and trust your guidance and the power of love. As I release my spirit from the burdens of the past I make space for the new blessings that are coming into my life. I invite my spirit guide to join me as I release, cleanse and surrender to the pathway that will open up before me.

Find more about the Super Blue Blood Moon and an interesting ritual here:

Now, I’ve been meaning to start an open workshop and conversations between the creators, who might be a little lost or drained out from the casual brutality of life… Some find the biggest inspiration in the darkest times. That’s what my muse had been driven by… But the times change, just like Moon cycles, right?

Starting tomorrow, I will begin posting interesting ideas leading to topics and call this project “Creative Writer’s Workbook”, followed by my own brainstorming/ short story or little interpretation of the inspired topic. I invite you to join me and get inspired together and share our works 🙂




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