This letter has no beginning… and has got no end.

It is not a love story nor it has a goodbye.

It is my feelings for you… that got lost for a while.

I was feeling confused… but now I know why.


It was too much… I had to stop a little-

rest my fragile heart.

So many times it has been shattered

through the endless months apart.


All the arguments, confessions,

tears and screams and all aggressions…

Formed a silent disconnection –

a two separate souls conception.


But can two soulmates grow apart?

Can a twin flame lose its half?


Find beauty in darkness, remember?

But when the darkness comes… will we surrender?


Like Sisyphus, rolling his rock up the hill

Almost at the top, it falls back… but then –

a hand reaches out and pulls him right back in.

One must imagine Sisyphus happy.


I’d rather see the day when the sky falls down

And not a single wish is made,

when the stars turn into rocks

and beat men to the ground… than let you go.


My rock, my dreams, my endless passion.

What happens when my heart returns to action?

You see… the question is not if this love can be…

The question is… if love can be a life for me?


Give love a chance, you can’t go wrong.

The happiness won’t take too long.

You can’t deny what all world can see –

The twin flames that are meant to be.






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