I am grateful for having my future open for all the possibilities, because I finally feel motivated and excited about my future.
I’m thankful for the opportunity of the copywriter internship, because it gives me opportunity to improve myself in my field, and challenges me at the same time.

I’m super grateful for my studies, because I’ve mastered my English language skills and his has definitely opened my mind.

I’m also grateful for finally starting my driving licence course, because I always dream how I drive. And I love it.

I’m truly blessed given an opportunity to spend my birthday weekend in London, because… I left my heart there. And I need it back.

I’m grateful for the passion that is deep inside of me, because it makes me who I am and special. I want it to start shining again. I want my creativity and confidence to break through…and I want to spread it all around me, attracting people with big hearts and curious mind. I’ve been sleeping, but now I’m awakening. Nothing can distract me from being great. I have lots of love to give and that’s what I will be doing from this very moment.

I take charge of my own life.



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