If you ever experienced a dream in a dream, within a dream... It can be tiring, frightening or... a breathtaking experience. Dreams are 
reflections of our subconscious mind. 

A short extract from my story Jacqueline's Path.


“I am on a small yacht, in the middle of Mediterranean sea, making my way to the shore. I’m all alone, no captain, no crew, no passengers; only me. The heat of the sun pleasantly warms my skin and a light breeze doesn’t let it burn. I can hear the dolphins, racing with my boat and see different shape clouds above me.

            But where am I going? I try to remember but I can’t. Previously soothing sound of the waves now becomes irritating. I can’t hear my thoughts. I need to get to the shore! I know I’m late. I need to speed up the boat but I don’t know how. There’s no engine, no sails. It is not a yacht, actually, it is a raft. How is it possible? Wait… It’s not! I must be dreaming. I don’t even remember how I got on this raft. I need to wake myself up…

            I wake up in a bright room and vaguely move one foot; it’s numb. The smell of the coffee reaches my nose; someone’s scurrying in the kitchen, making breakfast. I open one eye and check on the clock. I’m not late anywhere, I knew it was a dream… A bad one. I stand up and look in the mirror. I see a reflection of a middle-aged woman with dark red hair. I open my mouth and a strong morning breath spreads across the room; blue teeth and taste of wine tannin. I look in the mirror closer…

            Maybe one wrinkle more… That’s it, nothing else seems to have changed. Good.

            Behind me, I spot something that I haven’t seen in a long time; it’s my father’s watch sitting on the bedside table. How did it get here…My heart is racing. I look around and… It’s not my room. The colors are too bright and it confused me into thinking I was at home… I am. Only it is not the home above the old cabaret. It is my father’s place! I need to wake up! I need to get out of this nightmare! I hear heavy steps coming from the kitchen towards my room… And a cry of a child, coming from the outside. I quickly open the window and jump out, without even hesitating. I will not go through this again.”

Am I awake?


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