from Philosophy of Love

First of all, how did I know that I’ve got captured into these deadly paws of the man I love? I know sad stories where the word ‘love’ is used for protection, fear or loneliness. I’ve heard of a case where a certain person waited for the right moment to say the magnificent ‘I love you’ for so long that the beloved one died before that. Okay, he didn’t die. But he might have! My experience of the ‘I love you’ was as unexpected as snow in London on the New Year’s Eve. Note that in our case the word ‘love’ was forbidden. Maybe that’s why it visited me so soon.
It was one of those days when the sun would kindly show her face from time to time through the heavy clouds. Me and the doggie were playing in the back yard: I’d hide the ball and he had to find it. I liked to tease him. He brought the ball, for the tenth time, and gave me his puppy eyes. I hid the ball again but not so hard, just under the bench, so he would come back sooner. As soon as he rolled it back again to my side with his cute wet nose, this strange heat came all over me and I looked into his eyes again, wanting nothing more but to share the warmth with him. I could have given him all my bones to chew on and let him lick my face forever. However, I couldn’t say a word. Not a single word in the world seemed right for me to express myself. And then I realised I was in trouble. I couldn’t just spit it out ‘I love you’. In the backyard; just like that. But when I finally felt it, I looked into his eyes again and understood that no words were needed. I recognised the puppy eyes he used to give me. The ones that now reflected on my face.
The magical ‘I love you’ popped out like a bubble, almost invisible, and flew around us in the air every time he winked his tail to my side. This ‘woof’, stuck in the throat, made me recognise love not only in words but in everything else: his look, his touch and his silence. In this way, I came up to the first point of the philosophy of love: it hides in small things and is almost invisible for the eyes but the heart will always recognise it.


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